Mission & Vision
At the Core
Our Assets

Our Assets

Navnit prides in possessing the greatest asset - People, on the Board and as well as down the line. Our courage of conviction has led us to believe that our people are our greatest asset. 'Navnit' leaders make and meet aggressive commitments with uncompromising integrity, have a clear customer-focused vision, energize and invigorate others,  are self-confident,  exhibit ownership in thought and action,  are committed to excellence and develop star performers,   yet build teams.

We invest time and effort to select the best and then build them to become leaders. We believe in constantly  upgrading the skills of our people and develop them through training, job rotation and challenging opportunities. We coach and give specific and frequent feedback for Performance improvement. We create a culture of winning and excitement through improvement and motivation of team members. Recognition is awarded to superior performers. All the key persons keep themselves abreast of latest global developments in the automobile industry with various means. The group enjoys very  high status in the society  & business world.

Navnit Group of Companies represent a wide range of indigenous and imported cars. To keep our staff members abreast of varied technology and systems, an in house training facility  was created. All the members of the organisation are given need based training on technical, soft skill and non-technical subjects. The Academy  brings out an annual 'Training Calendar' to cover different topics. In the last 5 years, training has been imparted to over 2000 participants through more than 150 programs. Training is also open to fresh automobile engineers to improve their potential for employment in India and abroad.