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Phantom Coupe´ Overview

Inspired by the 101EX experimental concept of 2006, the Phantom Coupé is the embodiment of a modern, driver focused Rolls-Royce, thanks to the sleek and seductive combination of classic proportions, powerful presence and breathtaking detailing.

Starting with the distinctive LED headlights and rakish, streamlined grille, the Phantom Coupé’s lines flow in one uninterrupted swoop, along the wonderfully indulgent bonnet – which can be specified in beautiful brushed steel - and into the shimmering A-pillars. Here the Phantom Coupé’s lines become increasingly curvaceous as the sleek roofline blends seamlessly with the tapered, muscular haunches for an effortless sense of poise and power.

As Ian Cameron, Rolls-Royce’s Chief Designer, explains, far from having to create the illusion of performance and excitement, his task with was simply to make a more overt reference to discreet dynamism already present in every Rolls-Royce motor car.

‘Rolls-Royce has always been about pace, performance and style. For the Phantom Coupé we have emphasised the dynamism. The driving dynamics of the Phantom have always come as a surprise to customers and we wanted to emphasise that ability visually with the Phantom Coupé as well as dynamically via hard engineering changes. Its design adds glamour to the outstanding engineering and driveability that’s inherent to all Rolls-Royce motor cars.’

Striking 21in alloy wheels fill the Phantom Coupé’s wheelarches to perfection, while a pair of visible exhaust tailpipes provide a more suggestive clue to the immense performance provided by the magnificent 6.75-litre V12 engine. And then there are spectacular features such as the rear-hinged coach doors and picnic boot, which are defining elements unique to Rolls-Royce and unforgettable highlights of the Phantom Coupé.